Professor Emeritus:Ahmed Mohamed Salah el din Ouf
Architectural Engineering
Email :ahmedoufo***
Mobile :01001464474
Work Phone :22717336
imgB.Sc. (1981) "Architectural Engineering" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgM.Sc. (1984) "Urban Design" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgOthers (1987) "Urban Design" Pennsylvania (USA)
imgPh.D. (1989) "City and Regional Planning" Pennsylvania (USA)
Fields of Interest :
imgUrban Design
imgurban conservation
imgurban planning and the Globaliztion process in The city
Recent Publications :
img-2011-“Informality: a problem or a way of life”, pp.74-77, Magaz Design Magazine, v. 402
img-2010-Reconstruction and rehabilitation of disaster stricken cities”, joint research for the fifth scientific conference of the Arab Architects Association
img-2009-Mega Projects in a Global World”, invited research paper for Bursa Congress of Architects, Bursa Odasi Mimarlik
img-2008-Lower and Higher Urban Quality Cycles in Urban Heritage Areas; Rejuvenation vs. Conservation”, Journal of Urban Design
img-2007-Non-comprehensive planning approaches for rapidly urbanizing communities”, Journal of Planning Theory and Practice, Published by Routledge for Taylor&Francis Group
img-2006-The Role of Engineering and Planning Standards in Achieving Children Rights” (in Arabic), Arab Child Rights between International Charters and regional Visions
img-2006-Planning Approaches for Rapidly Urbanizing Communities”, Sharjah Ninth Urban Planning Symposium –SUPS9
img-2006-Waterfront Regeneration : models for urban planning interventions” a joint paper with Arch. Amany al-Rayes, International Real Estate Research Symposium, IRERS, National Institute of Valuation (INSPEN),
img-2005-Planning Approaches from Structure Plan to Action Plans within a Vision” with others, Abu Dhabi City Planning Conference,
img-2005-Changing Urbanization; Changing Planning Approaches”, Sharjah Eighth Urban Planning Symposium SUPS8
img-2004-Urban Heritage and the Unilateral Global Culture: Convergence or Conflict”, IASTE Working Papers Series v.# 170: Heritage Discourse in Post-Global Era, Berkley, California
img-2004-Urban Heritage and the Unilateral Global Culture: Convergence or Conflict”, IASTE
img-2004-Managing Urban Heritage Conservation to Promote an Integrated Vision of Cultural Continuity”, Sharjah 7th Urban Planning Symposium (SUPS7),
img-2004-Urban Conservation in Cairo: global demand and local motivations”, Dubai International Conference on Heritage Conservation
img-2003-An Innovative Approach for the Revitalization of Older City Districts, a Case From Cairo", Sharjah 6th Urban Planning Symposim SUPS6
img-2002-Urban Heritage Conservation as a Knowledge Base for Cultural Planning”,was presented at two events ; Sharjah 5th Urban Planning Symposim, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, and International Urban Design Summit, Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul,
img-2002-Community development projects in older city districts: user participation mechanisms in Egypt”, International Development and Planning Review (IDPR) (formerly Third World Planning Review)
img-2001-Authenticity and the Sense of Place in Urban Design”, Journal of Urban Design, Volume 6, Number 1, pp. 83-95, UK: Carfax Publishing
img-2001-Urban Management for Development in Older City Districts", Sharjah Fourth International Urban Planning Symposiuem (SUPS4),
img-2001-Urban Design in Heritage areas: a case from Cairo”, Proceedings to the First International Urban Design Meeting “Urban Design: Process of Globalization and Local Specifities”, Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul,
img-2000-Documentation and Conservation of UAE Urban Heritage”, Second Arab Gulf Conference on Folklore and Oral History, Zayed Center for Heritage and History, al-Ain City
img-2000-Creating a Sense of Place as a Tool for Sustaining Urban Culture”, Arab Regional Conference on Environmental Balance and Sustainable Urban Development, UNCHS, Arab League, and Arab Institute for Development of Cities
img-2000-Sustainable Concepts in Old Muslim Cities: Sustainability in Action”, (Joint research) Arab Regional Conference on Environmental Balance and Sustainable Urban Development, UNCHS, Arab League, and Arab Institute for Development of Cities
img-1999-Redesigning the Urban Core; The resurrection of culture and history into the city future”, EDRA 30th Annual Year book, Environmental Design and Research Association, Orlando, Florida,
img-1999-Urban Considerations in Conserving Urban Heritage: the case of Dubai City”, Journal of engineering and applied science, Mattariyah Faculty of Engineering, Cairo
img-1999-Urban Conservation in Practice and Theory: Shifting Attitudes”, research paper to Cairo University / Texas A&M University conference on “Planning Education for the 21st Century”, Cairo,
img-1998-Approaches to urban conservation; the case of selective urban restoration in al-Meraijah District, Sharjah city”, First Sharjah Urban Planning Symposium:
img-1998-Reconstructing a Historic Image; Techniques and Process in Sharjah City”, IASTE Working Papers Series v.# 119: Reconstruction of Historic Images, Berkley, California
img-1998-Rebuilding and replacement of decaying building material; a least expensive approach to urban conservation”, Proceedings of the Arab League Conference on Building Restoration and Rehabilitation, sponsored by the Arab League
img-1998-A historic account for Urbanization in the United Arab Emirates; links to the future", Proceedings of the 8th International Planning History Society (IPHS) Conference “20th Century Planning Experience”, University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia
img-1997-Building code as an economic determinant to urban form; the case of Nasser city in Cairo”, Azhar University 5th International Engineering Conference
img-1996-Designing with behavior settings (5): re-evaluation for a public space design", Bulletin of the Society for Egyptian Engineers, Cairo
img-1996-Designing with behavior settings (4): an application in public space design", Bulletin of the Society for Egyptian Engineers, Cairo
img-1996-Designing with behavior settings (3): an introduction to a cultural-appropriate design", Bulletin of the Society for Egyptian Engineers, Cairo
img-1995-Priorities in selecting restoration sites: an urban-conscious approach", pp.91-98, in the edited book of Jere L. Bacharach (edit.) The Restoration and Conservation of Islamic Monuments in Egypt, Cairo: The American University in Cairo Press
img-1994-Designing with behavior settings; a culturally appropriate design approach", Bulletin of the Society for Egyptian Engineers, Cairo
img-1992-Role of the physical planner in Less Developed Countries", Journal of Engineering and Applied Science, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo
img-1992-Retail services" and "Religious services", in "Planning standards for services in Egyptian cities"; Joint research for the General Organization for Physical Planning (GOPP) and the General Organization for Housing, Building, and Planning Research (GOHBPR)
img-1992-New cities' impact on housing the urban poor", Housing International Conference: policies and housing systems for low income communities, sponsored by the General Organization for Housing, Building, and Planning Research, Cairo
img-1991-Informal housing: a definition that has a problem" (in Arabic), Bulletin of the Egyptian Architects Association, Cairo
img-1991-Cultural Appropriate Design and Building Performance", a paper to the International Symposium on Environmental Design and Building Performance, hosted by the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo
img-1990-Classic land price theory and low-income housing", a paper for the Scientific Engineering Bulletin, Cairo
img-1990-The Role of The Planner in The Third World", a paper to the 4th AESOP Congress in Reggio Calabria, Italy
img-1990-Building Technology's Adaptability to Land Use Patterns", a paper for the Academy of Scientific Research Symposium on "The Impacts of Building Technology and Environment on Housing", General Organization for Housing and Building Research, Cairo
img-1990-The Impact of Industrial Change on Traditional Physical Environment: The Case of Damietta, Egypt”, IASTE Working Papers Series v.# 25: Tradition in the Face of Modernity: Continuity and Change in Architecture, Berkley, California
img-1990-Urban Villages: a direct consequence of rapid urban growth", a paper and slide presentation for the HABITAT 1990 conference in Egypt "Shelter and Urbanization", held at the General Organization for Housing and Building Research, Cairo
img-1986-Assessment of small scale furniture production in Jamaica: A Physical plan proposal", summer research, for University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica
img-1984-Image of metropolitan areas; case study of the Greater Cairo region", M.Sc. thesis, Cairo University
Recent Projects :
img-2004-A New Life for the Bait Sarkal”, evaluation and proposal report, in collaboration with Heritage Strategies International Inc. , Washington D.C., commissioned by Government of Sharjah
img-2003-Preparing a Heritage Development Plan for the Area Between the Citadel and the Aqua ducts of Cairo", an L.E. 50000 grant from Cairo University
Recent Books :
img-2002-Introduction to Urban Design". Single-authored book in Arabic, Cairo: Al-Zahraa Press, published by the author
img-2000-Urban Conservation Concepts for the New Millennium in the United Arab Emirates”, single-authored book in English, published by Zayed Center for Heritage and Culture, P.O.Box 23888 Al-Ain City, Abu-Dhabi