Professor Emeritus:Zeinab Saleh Safar (Chairman)
Mechanical Power Engineering
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Academic Citation :559
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imgB.Sc. (1968) "Mechanical Engineering" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgM.Sc. (1969) "Mechanical Engineering" University of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, U.S.A)
imgPh.D. (1973) "Mechanical Engineering" University of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, U.S.A)
Fields of Interest :
imgEnergy efficiency and energy conservation, environmental management and environmental control, small and micro enterprises development, gender issues.
Recent Publications :
img-2006-Egyptian Women in the Parliament and Political Parties", Towards Peace and Prospective, Women: Engines of Change, Suzane Mubarak International Movement for Peace, Cairo, January 2006
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img-2006-"Characterization of Contamination around the Largest Lead Smelter in Egypt done through a cooperation program between USA and Egypt ", Air and Waste Management Conference , New Orleans, USA, June 2006
img-2005-Cairo Air Quality Improvement", Fourth Environment Forum, UNEP, Magdeburg, Germany, November 2005
img-2005-E-Marketing for Micro-Entrepreneurs" Global Summit of Women, Mexico, June 2005
img-2004-69. “Supporting Women Entrepreneurs In Marketing On-Lineâ€‌, Global Summit of Women, Soul, North Korea, May 2004.
img-2003-“Creating New Opportunities for Women in ITâ€‌, Regional Symposium on Women and ICT, Cairo, Egypt, December 2003.
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img-2003-“Empowerment of Women and Increasing Her Role in Small Industry" Incubators , the First Arab Conference of Industrial Incubators, Cairo ,January 2003
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