Professor Emeritus:Essam Eldin Khalil Hassan Khalil
Mechanical Power Engineering
Email :khalile1***
Mobile :01222116611
Birth Date :12/7/1948
imgPh.D. (1977) "Mechanical" London (United Kingdom)
imgOthers (2003) "Fellow ASME" (USA)
imgOthers (2008) "Fellow AIAA" (USA)
imgOthers (2009) "Fellow ASHRAE" (USA)
Fields of Interest :
imgHeat Transfer,CFD,Air Conditioning and Energy
Recent Publications :
img-2015-More than 690 papers published in open literature 1977-2015
Recent Books :
img-2015-Energy Efficiency and the Urban Environment
img-2014-ACEE - Air Conditioning and Energy Efficiency,
img-2013-Air Distribution in Buildings
img-2013-Air Conditioning of Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
img-2012-Types and Performance of Pumps and Compressors.
img-2012-Boiler Furnace Design
img-1999-Energy Future
img-1999-Water Desalination
img-1990-Power Plant Design
img-1987-Laser Technology
img-1983-Modeling of Furnaces and Combustors
img-1979-Heat & Fluid in Power System Components
img-1978-Flow, Mixing & Heat Transfer In Furnaces
Awards :
img-2012-ASME James Harry Potter Golden Award
img-2011-AIAA Sustained Services Award
img-2010-ASHRAE Regional Award of Merit
img-2010-ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award
img-2010-AIAA Energy Systems Award
img-2009-ASME George Westinghouse Golden Award
img-1981-National Award of Scientific Achievement,Egypt