Associate Prof.Emeritus:Mohsen Said Mohamed Soliman
Mechanical Power Engineering
Email :profmohsen2016***
Mobile :01002861989
Room Number :19313
Birth Date :9/2/1954
Home Page :
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imgB.Sc. (1978) "Mechanical Power Engineering" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgM.Sc. (1982) "Mechanical Power Engineering" FECU (Egypt)
imgPh.D. (1989) "Mechanical Power Engineering" University of California, Irvine (U.S.A.)
Fields of Interest :
imgThermofluid and Gas Dynamic Sciences, Turbulence, Experimental Measurements, Quality assurance and Acridetation, E-learning, PLC programming, Practical & Virtual Lab Automatic Control Applications
Administrative Positions :
img-2011-current date-Manager of Automatic Control Lab (ACC) at FECU
img-2011- current data-Manager of Automatic Control Post-graduate Diploma at Mech. Power Engineering Dept.
img-2010- Current date-Head of Fluid Mechanics Group and the postgraduate Academic Advisor at MEP, FECU
img-2007- current date-Manager of Quality Assurance & Accreditation Unit at MEP , FECU
Areas of Expertise :
img-2010- current date-Applications of Automatic Control and Virtual Labs in Mechanical Power Systems
img-2005- current date-Development & Enhancing of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Bylaws of Mechanical Power Engineering
Professional Activities :
img-2008- current date-Visiting Professor at Institute of Aviation Engineering & Technology, Embaba, Cairo, Egypt
img-2008- current date-Visiting Lecturer at Eng. Services Unit, American University, Cairo