Associate Professor:Mohamed Ahmed Ali Yehia
Mechanical Power Engineering
Email :myehia***
imgB.Sc. (1983) "Mechanical Power Engineering" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgM.Sc. (1987) "Heat Transfer to Immersed Bodies in Fluidized Beds" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgPh.D. (1992) "Modelling of pulverised coal flames" Imperial College, The University of London (UK)
Fields of Interest :
imgCombustion and Flow Simulations
imgComputational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
imgMathematical Modelling and Simulation of Coal Combustion Furnaces
imgLarge Eddy Simulations
imgTurbulent Flames Modelling
imgSmart Fluids
Recent Publications :
img-2013-Effect of Fuel and Air Injection Pattern on Combustion Dynamics in Confined and Free Diffusion Flame MA Abdel-Al, MA Yehia, MR Taha, TW Abou-Arab
img-2003-Combustion Regimes of Propagating Flames Inside Rectangular Explosion Chambers MA Yehia, SS Ibrahim, AL Moustafa
img-2003-Investigation of premixed turbulent combustion in a semi-confined explosion chamber S Patel, SS Ibrahim, MA Yehia, GK Hargrave
img-2003-Flamelet surface density modelling of turbulent deflagrating flames in vented explosions S Patel, SS Ibrahim, MA Yehia
img-2002-Flow and Combustion Simulations of Turbulent Premixed Flames MA Yehia
img-2001-Field Modelling of Steady Conditions in a Compartment Under Fire MM Kamel, SL El-Haw, MA Yehia, AM El-Kady
img-1999-Experimental Studies in a compartment under fire Part 2: The Effect of Beamed Ceiling Configuration on Initial Transient Development of Induced Fire Flows MA Yehia, AA El-Ehwany, M Abd El-Rashead Nosier, AM Ayoub
img-1999-"Experimental Studies in a compartment under fire Part 1: The Effect of Fire Source Location on Entrainment and Environmental Conditions in Confined Enclosures" MA Yehia, AA El-Ehwany, AM Ayoub, MAER Nosier
img-1998-Simulation of pulverised coal test furnace performance FC Lockwood, T Mahmud, MA Yehia
img-1994-Mathematical Field Modelling of Transient Ceiling Jet Characteristics in Fires S Kumar, M Yehia
img-1992-Modelling of pulverised coal swirling flames in axi-symmetric furnaces. MAA Yehia
img--Fafnir: A Computer Code for Two-Dimensional Turbulent Reacting Flows NH Kandamby, L F. C., MA Yehia