Associate Professor:Tamer Ashour El-Saied Ali
Engineering Mathematics and Physics
 Assistant Professor 
Email :tamashour***
imgB.Sc. (2003) "Electronics and Electrical Communications Systems" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgM.Sc. (2006) "Engineering Physics" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgPh.D. (2010) "ECE| Photonics & NanoEngineering" Rice University (USA)
Fields of Interest :
imgEnergy Harvesting
Recent Publications :
img-2010-Metallic nanoshells with semiconductor cores: optical characteristics modified by core medium properties
img-2010-Probing the plasmonic near-field of gold nanocrescent antennas
img-2010-Perforated semishells: far-field directional control and optical frequency magnetic response
img-2009-Magnetic− plasmonic core− shell nanoparticles
img-2008-Shedding light on dark plasmons in gold nanorings
img-2008-Plasmonic properties of a metallic torus
Conferences :
img-2014-Short paper: MPOT: 3D Mote Placement Optimization algorithms for WSNs
img-2014-Short paper: MPOT: 3D Mote placement optimization tool for wireless sensor networks
img-2014-Simulation of a New PZT Energy Harvester with a Lower Resonance Frequency Using COMSOL Multiphysics®