Professor/أستاذ:Karim Ahmed Rakha
Irrigation and Hydraulics Engineering
Email :RAKHAK***
imgB.Sc. (1988) "Civil eng" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgM.Sc. (1990) "Hydraulic eng" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgPh.D. (1995) "Coastal eng" Queens (Canada)
Fields of Interest :
imgCoastal Eng
imgEnvironmental Impact Assessment
Recent Publications :
img-2010-Vertical temperature gradients within the intertidal flat sediments of Kuwait Bay, northern Arabian Gulf.
img-2010-Flushing Characteristics of Kuwait Bay.
img-2009-Sea surface temperature trends in Kuwait Bay, Arabian Gulf.
img-2008-Sediment budget around Qaruh Island, South of Kuwait.
img-2003-Rakha, K.A., Numerical Study of Different Boundary Conditions for Undertow Models
img-2002-Eldeberky, Y., Metwally, A., Rakha, K.A., and Cavaleri, A.. Wave hindcast in the eastern Mediterranean Sea
img-2002-Rakha, K.A. Induced currents predicted from a phase resolving wave model
img-2001-Rakha ,K.A,and Abul-Azm, A.G.Modelling of shoreline changes along the north western egyptian coast
img-2000-Abul-Azm, A.G.,and Rakha ,K.A, Environmental Concerns for marina planning in the gulf of suez