Teaching Assistant:Ahmed Said M. Hefny
Computer Engineering
Email :
imgB.Sc. (2007) "Computer Engineering" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgM.Sc. (2010) "Computer Engineering" Cairo University (Egypt)
Fields of Interest :
imgMachine Learning
imgNatural Language Processing
imgInformation Retrieval and Extraction
imgComputer Graphics
Recent Publications :
img-2011-Ahmed Hefny, Hany Hassan and Mohamed Bahgat, "Incremental Combinatory Categorial Grammar and its Derivations", 12th International Conference on Intelligent Text Processing and Computational Linguistics (CICLING), February 20 to 26, 2011, Tokyo, Japan, volume 6608 of Lecture Notes on Computer Science, Springer.
img-2011-Ahmed Hefny, Kareem Darwish and Ali Alkahky, "Is a Query Worth Translating: Ask the Users!", Proceedings of the 33rd European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR), 2011, Dublin, Ireland, volume 6611 of Lecture Notes on Computer Science, Springer.
img-2010-Ahmed Hefny and Amir Atiya, "A New Monte Carlo-based Error Rate Estimator", Proceedings of the 4th IAPR TC3 Workshop on Artificial Neural Networks in Pattern Recognition (ANNPR), April 11-13, 2010, Cairo, Egypt, volume 5998 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer.
img-2009-Gentner, R.; Hefny, A.; Farhan, W.; Segor, F.; Dees, D.; Önal, C. and Classen, J. "A novel virtual reality based finger movement training system to investigate mechanisms of training induced plasticity". Presented at the 82nd Annual Congress of the German Society of Neurology (DGN), September 23-26, 2009 , Nürnberg, Germany.
img-2008-A. Madkour, T. Hefni, A. Hefny and K. S. Refaat, "Using Semantic Features to Detect Spamming in Social Bookmarking Systems", ECML PKDD Discovery Challenge, 2008, Antwerp, Belgium.
img-2008-Ahmed S. Hefny, Ayat A. Hatem, Mahmoud M. Shalaby and Amir F. Atiya, "Cerberus: Applying Supervised and Reinforcement Learning Techniques to Capture the Flag Games", Proceedings of the Fourth Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment Conference (AIIDE), October 22-24, 2008, Stanford, California, USA.