Associate Professor:Ahmed Mohamed Abdelsattar
Irrigation and Hydraulics Engineering
Email :ahmoudy77***
imgPh.D. (2006) "Hydraulics" University of South Carolina (USA)
Fields of Interest :
Recent Publications :
img-2015-Gene expression models for prediction of longitudinal dispersion coefficient in streams
img-2015-Neuro-Fuzzy GMDH Approach to Predict Longitudinal Dispersion in Water Networks
img-2015-An entrainment model for non-uniform sediment
img-2014-Gene expression models for the prediction of longitudinal dispersion coefficients in transitional and turbulent pipe flow
img-2014-Gene expression models for prediction of dam breach parameters
img-2014-Predicting morphological changes ds new naga-hammadi barrage for extreme nile flood flows: A monte carlo analysis
img-2014-Morphological changes in river Nile at Bani-Sweif for probable flood flow releases
img-2013-Using Gene Expression Programming to Determine the Impact of Minerals on Erosion Resistance of Selected Cohesive Egyptian Soils
img-2013-Experimental Investigation of Flood Waves from Open-Channel Levee Breach
img-2013-Blockage in distensible tubing
img-2009-Wavelet-Galerkin solution to the water hammer equations
img-2008-Case study: 17th street canal breach closure procedures
img-2008-Leak detection in pipelines by frequency response method
img-2008-Partial blockage detection in pipelines by frequency response method