Professor Emeritus:Mahmoud Gharib Disoky El-Sherbiny
Mechanical Design and Production
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Academic Citation :El-Sherbiny, M. G. D.
imgB.Sc. (1968) "Production Engineering" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgM.Sc. (1972) "Mechanical Design" Cairo University/ Technical University of Copenhagen (Egypt/Denmark)
imgPh.D. (1975) "Mechanical and Aeronutical Engineering "Tribology"" Salford University (U.K.)
Fields of Interest :
img Tribology
img Machine Design
imgModeling and Optimization
imgComputer Aided Design
imgFinite Element Analysis
img Metrology
Recent Publications :
img-2017- Tribological properties of graphene nanosheets as an additive in calcium grease Kamel, B.M., Mohamed, A., El Sherbiny, M., Abed, K.A., Abd-Rabou, M. 2017 Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology 5 View abstract | Related documents
img-2017-Rheological characteristics of modified calcium grease with graphene nanosheets Kamel, B.M., Mohamed, A., El-Sherbiny, M., Abed, K.A., Abd-Rabou, M. 2017 Fullerenes Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures
img-2016- The influence of temperature and humidity on the sensitivity of torque transducers Khaled, K.M., Röske, D., Abuelezz, A.E., El-Sherbiny, M.G. 2016 Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation
img-2016- Rheology and thermal conductivity of calcium grease containing multi-walled carbon nanotube Kamel, B.M., Mohamed, A., El Sherbiny, M., Abed, K.A. 2016 Fullerenes Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures 10 View abstract | Related documents
img-2016- Tribological behaviour of calcium grease containing carbon nanotubes additives Kamel, B.M., Mohamed, A., El Sherbiny, M., Abed, K.A. 2016 Industrial Lubrication and Tribology
img-2015- Humidity and temperature effects on torque transducers, bridge calibration unit and amplifiers Khaled, K.M., Röske, D., Abuelezz, A.E., Elsherbiny, M.G. 2015 Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation
img-2014-Sheet Metal Thinning and Spring-back In Deep Drawing Process. Material and Design January 2014, pp. 797-808
img-2013-Effect of Die Design Parameters on Thinning of Sheet Metal in the Deep Drawing Process
img-2011-L’effet des erreurs géométriques de découpe sur l’exactitude et l’incertitude de dureté Vickers
img-2011-The Influence of Misalignment on the Uncertainty of Vertical Torque Calibration Machine
Recent Prizes :
img-2014-Egyptian State prize of appreciation for his achievements in Engineering Science
img-2010-Cairo University Prize for Distinction in Advanced Technological Science
img-2009-Cairo University Prize for Appreciation in Engineering Science
img-1999-Prize of the Arab Orgaization for Industrialization for the Best Industrial Project
img-1981-Egyptian State First Class Science Decoration For Engineering Science
Patents :
img-2010-Immersed Injection Nozzle for improving the flow of Molten steel during the Production of Thin Slab Cast - Patent 24621
img-2007-An Online Automated System for Shredding, Suction, Compaction and Palleting of Print house waste - Patent23442
img-2006-An Automated folding and Glewing Machine for Carton Packaging- Patent 23411
img-2006-A Novel Weighing and Handling Conveyor for Packaging Lines - Patent 23412
img-2005-Anew Approach for efficient Industrial Cooling Towers- Patent 23030
img-2005-A Novel Design of a Conditioning Machine- Patent 23083
img-2003-COMPUTERIZED AND AUTOMATED Filing Cabinet which acts also for Spare parts stores and Medications and Pharmacutical Drug Stores- Patent 22956
img-2003-Anew Design of Vibrating Conveyor for Material Handeling- Patent 22957
img-2003-A New Design for Mixing, Heating, and Doseing Tanks for Industrial Process Plants- Patent 22958
img-2003-A New Design for Cyclones to Minimize Air Pollution- Patent 22959
img-2003-A Conceptual Design for Train coach Isolation in Emergencies- Patent 22960
Administrative Positions :
img-2006-2008-President of Akhbar El-Youm Academy
img-2005-2006-President of the NAtional Institute of Standards, Egypt
img-2001 -2010-Councilor, Ministery of Industry and Technological Development
img-1995 -2001-Dean of Engineering, Cairo University
img-1994-Vice Dean for Academics and Student Affairs, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University
Membership in Scientific Societies :
img-2009-President, Arab Federation for Metrology AFM
img-1999-Member of the Egyptian Society of Mechanical Engineers
img-1998-Vice President of the International Tribology Council, London
img-1988-Chairman of the Egyptian Society of Tribology, EGTRIB
img-1976-Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London
Editor/Reviewer :
img-2005-2012-Editor of the EGTRIB Journal of the Egyptian Society of Tribology
Professional Activities :
img-2006-Intellectual Property Rights Certificate 26683 for Weighing and Packaging Industrial Lines
img-2006-Intellectual Property Rights Certificate 26684 for Powerfull Suction Fans for Industrial Applications
img-2006-Intellectual Property Rights Certificate 26685 from the Ministry of Trade and Industry for Mixing and Doseing Systems
img-2006-Intellectual Property Rights Certificate 26686 for dryed agricultural leaves Expansion Machine
img-2005-Intellectual Property Rights certificate 22680 for Industrial Dryers, Ministry of Trade and Industry
img-2005-Intelectual rights certificate 26681 for industrial systems of material handeling by suction
img-2005-Intelectual Property Rights Certificate 26682 for Flatening Machines
Invited lectures :
img-2006-Mutual Recognition of Calibration Measuring Standards, Annual Meeting of the National Institutes of Standards, BIPM 2006
img-2001-Handling and Minimizing Space Debris - United Nations Conference, Genive 2001