Associate Professor:Safwat Mahmoud Safwat
Public Works
 Sanitary & Environmental Engineering 
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imgB.Sc. (2009) "Civil Engineering" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgM.Sc. (2012) "Sanitary & Environmental Engineering" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgOthers (2013) "Environmental Engineering Graduate Courses" University of Alberta (Canada)
imgPh.D. (2016) "Sanitary & Environmental Engineering" Cairo University (Egypt)
Fields of Interest :
imgWastewater treatment
imgElectrochemical systems
imgBioelectrochemical systems
imgResource recovery from wastewater facilities
imgLife Cycle Assessment
Recent Publications :
img-2023-Safwat M. Safwat, Nouran Y. Mohamed, and Mostafa M. El-Seddik. "Performance evaluation and life cycle assessment of electrocoagulation process for manganese removal from wastewater using titanium electrodes." Journal of Environmental Management, 328 (2023): 116967.
img-2023-Safwat M. Safwat, Abdallah Khaled, Abdelsalam Elawwad, and Minerva E. Matta. "Dual-Chamber Microbial Fuel Cells as Biosensors for the Toxicity Detection of Benzene, Phenol, Chromium, and Copper in Wastewater: Applicability Investigation, Effect of Various Catholyte Solutions, and Life Cycle Assessment." Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 170 (2023):1121-1136.
img-2022-Omar Shaker, Safwat M. Safwat, and Minerva E. Matta. "Nickel Removal from Wastewater Using Electrocoagulation Process with Zinc Electrodes Under Various Operating Conditions: Performance Investigation, Mechanism Exploration, and Cost Analysis." Environmental Science and Pollution Research, (2022).
img-2022-Safwat M. Safwat, Mohamed N. A. Meshref, Mohamed Salama, and Abdelsalam Elawwad. "Influence of Co-Substrate Existence, Temperature, pH, and Salt Concentration on Phenol Removal, Desalination, and Power Generation Using Microbial Desalination Cells." International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, (2022)
img-2022-Safwat M. Safwat, Nouran Y. Mohamed, Mohamed N. A. Meshref, and Abdelsalam Elawwad. "Adsorption of Phenol onto Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles: Performance Evaluation, Mechanism Exploration, and Principal Component Analysis (PCA) of Thermodynamics", Adsorption Science & Technology, vol. 2022, Article ID 1924117, 14 pages, 2022.
img-2021-Safwat M. Safwat, and Minerva E. Matta., Environmental applications of Effective Microorganisms: a review of current knowledge and recommendations for future directions. Journal of Engineering and Applied Science, 68.48 (2021):1-12.
img-2021-Omar Shaker, Minerva E. Matta., and Safwat M. Safwat "Nickel and Chromium Removal by Electrocoagulation using Copper Electrodes." Desalination and Water Treatment, 213 (2021):371-380.
img-2021-Mostafa Mamdouh, Safwat M. Safwat, Ehab Rozaik, and Hisham Abdelhalim. “Urea Removal Using Electrocoagulation Process with Copper and Iron Electrodes. '' Desalination and Water Treatment, 213 (2021):259-268.
img-2020-Safwat M. Safwat, Ahmed Ali, and Minerva E. Matta " Adsorption of Copper using Fuller’s Earth: Kinetics, Equilibrium and Thermodynamics." Journal of Engineering and Applied Science, 67.7 (2020):1729-1746.
img-2020-Safwat M. Safwat, Mostafa Mamdouh, Ehab Rozaik, and Hisham Abdelhalim. “Performance Evaluation of Electrocoagulation Process Using Aluminum and Titanium Electrodes for Removal of Urea. '' Desalination and Water Treatment, 191 (2020): 239-249.
img-2020-Safwat M. Safwat "Treatment of Real Printing Wastewater using Electrocoagulation Process with Titanium and Zinc Electrodes." Journal of Water Process Engineering, 34 (2020): 101137.
img-2020-Safwat M. Safwat, and Minerva E. Matta. "Performance Evaluation of Electrocoagulation Process Using Zinc Electrodes for Removal of Urea." Separation Science and Technology, 55.14 (2020): 2500-2509.
img-2019-Safwat M. Safwat "Performance Evaluation of Paroxetine Adsorption Using Various Types of Activated Carbon." International Journal of Civil engineering, 17 (2019): 1619–1629.
img-2019-Safwat M. Safwat, Mohamed Medhat, and Hisham Abdelhalim. "Adsorption of Phenol onto Kaolin and Fuller's Earth: A Comparative Study with Bentonite. '' Desalination and Water Treatment, 155 (2019):197-206.
img-2019-Radwa Hanafy, Safwat M. Safwat, Ehab Rozaik, Khaled Zaher. "Upgrading Conventional Activated Sludge System Using Bio-media: A Case Study of Zenin Wastewater Treatment Plant, Egypt." Civil and Environmental Research, 11.1 (2019): 29-38.
img-2019-Safwat M. Safwat "Coupling Microbial Fuel Cells with Electrocoagulation Cells to Form an Integrated System for Wastewater Treatment." Polish Journal of Environmental Studies, 28.3 (2019): 1909-1915.
img-2019-Safwat M. Safwat, Ahmed Hamed, and Ehab Rozaik." Electrocoagulation/ Electroflotation of Real Printing Wastewater Using Copper Electrodes: A Comparative Study with Aluminum Electrodes." Separation Science and Technology 54.1 (2019): 183-194.
img-2019-Safwat M. Safwat, Mohamed Medhat, and Hisham Abdelhalim. "Adsorption of Phenol onto Aluminum Oxide and Zinc Oxide: A Comparative Study with Titanium Dioxide. '' Separation Science and Technology, 54.17 (2019): 2840-2852.
img-2019-Safwat M. Safwat, Ehab Rozaik, and Hisham Abdelhalim. "A comparative study on treatment of wastewaters with various biodegradability and various pH values using single‐chamber microbial fuel cells. '' Water and Environment Journal, 33.3 (2019): 409-417.
img-2018-Safwat M. Safwat, and Minerva E. Matta. "Adsorption of Urea Onto Granular Activated Alumina: A Comparative Study with Granular Activated Carbon." Journal of dispersion science and technology 30.12 (2018): 1699-1709.
img-2018-Safwat M. Safwat "Performance of Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor Using Effective Microorganisms." Journal of Cleaner Production, 185 (2018): 723-731.
img-2018-Safwat M. Safwat, and Ehab Rozaik. "Growth Inhibition of Various Pathogenic Microorganisms Using Effective Microorganisms (EM)." International Journal of Research and Engineering 4, no. 12 (2018): 283-286.
img-2016-Safwat Ahmed, Ehab Rozaik, and Hisham Abdelhalim. "Performance of Single-Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell Using Different Carbohydrate-Rich Wastewaters and Different Inocula. '' Polish Journal of Environmental Studies, 25.2 (2016): 503-510.
img-2015-Safwat Ahmed, Ehab Rozaik, and Hisham Abdelhalim. "Effect of Configurations, Bacterial Adhesion, and Anode Surface Area on Performance of Microbial Fuel Cells Used for Treatment of Synthetic Wastewater." Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 226.9 (2015): 1-13.
img-2013-Safwat Ahmed, Hisham Abdelhalim, and Ehab Rozaik. "Treatment of Primary Settled Wastewater Using Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactor Seeded with Activated EM." Civil and Environmental Research 3.11 (2013): 130-136.
Recent Projects :
img-2021-“A US-Egypt Evaluation of Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors to Enhance Agricultural Water Reclamation while Mitigating Antibiotic Resistance” Funded by Cycle 20 Collaborative Research Grants: U.S. – Egypt S&T Joint Fund. [Role: Researcher]
img-2021-“Evaluation and development of anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) technology to promote unrestricted wastewater reuse and mitigate compromised surface water quality in the Mediterranean region” Funded by Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area [PRIMA] - EU. [Role: Co-PI for the Egyptian Team]
img-2021-“Application of Microbial Fuel Cells as Biosensors for Water Quality Monitoring” Funded by Cairo University - Egypt. [Role: PI]
img-2019-“Microbial Desalination Cells: An Emerging Technology for Wastewater Treatment, Desalination and Energy Recovery” Funded by Science and Technology Development Fund STDF - Egypt. [Role: PI]
Recent Courses :
img-2021-Professional Certificate in Solid and Hazardous Waste Management – The American University in Cairo (AUC), Egypt
img-2021-Professional Certificate in Environmental Systems and Processes – The American University in Cairo (AUC), Egypt
img-2020-Professional Certificate in Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Auditing – The American University in Cairo (AUC), Egypt
img-2019-Professional Certificate of Project Management (PRMG), the American University in Cairo (AUC), Egypt.
Graduate Students :
img-2023-Noor Anter (MSc)
img-2023-Abdalla Khaled (MSc)
img-2022-Sara Duraid (MSc)
img-2022-Ahmed Ali (MSc)
img-2020-Mostafa Mamdouh (PhD)
img-2020-Omar Shaker (MSc)
img-2019-Ahmed Hamed (MSc)
img-2019-Mohamed Medhat (MSc)
img-2018-Radwa Hanafy (MSc)
img--Nada Elalamy (MSc)
img--Mohamed Zakaria (MSc)
img--Ahmed Kamal (MSc)
img--Radwa Hanady (PhD)
img--Mostafa El-Kady (MSc)
img--Tarek Rizkallah (MSc)
Conferences :
img-2021-''Adsorption of Phenol from Aqueous Solutions Using Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles: Kinetics, Equilibrium, and Thermodynamics.'' The 12th Eastern European Young Water Professionals Conference.
img-2021-"Performance Evaluation of Electrocoagulation for the Removal of Nickel and Chromium from Wastewater Using Zinc Electrodes." The 12th Eastern European Young Water Professionals Conference.
Areas of Expertise :
img--Water and wastewater networks
img--Water and wastewater treatment plants
img--Life Cycle Assessment
Awards :
img-2022-Cairo University Award of Encouragement in Engineering Sciences for Year 2022.
Membership in Scientific Societies :
img--Member of Federation of Arab Engineers
img--Member of Engineers Syndicate of Egypt
img--Member of Project Management Institute (PMI), USA.
img--Member of International Water Association (IWA), UK.