Assistant Professor:Mousa Maher Naguib Farag
Structural Engineering
Email :mousa.maher***
imgB.Sc. (2010) "Civil Engineering " Cairo (EGYPT)
imgM.Sc. (2014) "Structural Analysis " Cairo (EGYPT)
imgPh.D. (2019) "Structural Analysis " Cairo (Egypt)
Fields of Interest :
imgDynamic Analysis
imgBridge Engineering
imgEarthquake Engineering
imgElastomeric Bearings in Bridges
Recent Publications :
img-2019-Farag, M. M. N., S. S. F. Mehanny, M. Kohrangi, D. Vamvatsikos, and M. M. Bakhoum, "Precast Beam Bridges with a Buffer–Gap–Elastomeric Bearings System: Uncertainty in Design Parameters and Randomness in Ground Records", Journal of Bridge Engineering
img-2015-Farag, M.M.N, Mehanny, S.S.F. and Bakhoum, M.M. “Establishing Optimal Gap Size for Precast Beam Bridges with a Buffer-Gap-Elastomeric Bearings System”, Earthquakes and Structures.