Professor/أستاذ:Ihab Elsayed Talkhan
Computer Engineering
Email :Italkhan***
Mobile :0201223105504
imgB.Sc. (1980) "Electrical Eng" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgM.Sc. (1983) "Electrical Eng" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgPh.D. (1991) "preparation for Ph.D" Oakland University (Michigan, USA)
imgPh.D. (1993) "copmuter Eng" Cairo University (Egypt)
Fields of Interest :
imgSimulation Modeling and design of digital system
imgUsing VHDL , CPLD ,FPGA in digital system desgin
imgDigital sysetm testing
imgFault Tolerance techniques
imgFalut diagnoses detection
imgHardware Encryption techniques
Recent Publications :
img-2000-LFSR VHD-Based Desgin
img-2000-Ahybrid Serach Algoritm for Car-like Roobot Navigation
img-1999-VHD-Based FIFO Design
img-1998-Frractal Encoding of Images Using Central Moments Based Tree search
img-1998-Management Scheme for integrated Message Desk and Interactive Multimedia Intelligent Terminals
img-1996-A proposed ATE for digital Systems