Assistant Professor:Ahmad Wafiq Abolnasr
Chemical Engineering
Email :ahmad.wafiq***
imgB.Sc. (2008) "" Cairo University ()
imgM.Sc. (2011) "" Cairo University ()
Fields of Interest :
imgBiomass Pyrolysis and Gasification
imgWaste Management
imgEnvironmental Engineering
imgEnergy Efficiency
imgClimate Change
imgClimate Change
Recent Publications :
img-2016-Pressure influence on pyrolysis product properties of raw and torrefied Miscanthus: Role of particle structure
img-2015-Feasibility assessment of diesel fuel production in Egypt using coal and biomass: Integrated novel methodology.
img-2014-Design Considerations, Modeling and Assessment for the Thermochemical Production of Diesel Fuel from Miscanthus-Egyptian Coal Blend
img-2012-Optimum Process Conditions for the Production of Pig Iron by COREX Process