Assistant Professor:Ashraf Ibrahim Sayed
Mechanical Power Engineering
Email :aisayed11***
Mobile :01283958074
Room Number :19207
imgB.Sc. (1990) "mechanical power department" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgM.Sc. (1998) "two phase flow" Cairo university (egypt)
imgPh.D. (2012) "Indoor Air Quality" Cairo University (egypt)
Fields of Interest :
imgFluid mechanics
imgTurbo machinary
imgAutomatic control
imgquality management systems
imgHVAC and Fire Fitting
Recent Publications :
img-2012-Indoor Air Quality Numerical Study in a Lecture Theater in Egypt: Case Study Mahmoud A. Fouad*, Ashraf I. Sayed Engineering research journal 133(March 2012) M1-M13
img-2012-Experimental and Numerical Indoor Air Quality Study in Naturally Ventilated Campus Classrooms in Egypt Mahmoud A. Fouad, Ashraf I. Sayed Engineering research journal 134(March 2012) M11-M25