Professor/أستاذ:Raghad Mofeed Mohamed Ibrahim
Architectural Engineering
Email :rmofeed***
imgB.Sc. (1993) "Architectural Engineering" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgM.Sc. (1996) "Culture of Heritage Areas; The Influence of Cultural & Social Changes on Urban Form" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgPh.D. (2000) "Criticism and Theory in Architecture; Towards a Critical Framework to Measure the Corroboration of Architectural Theories" Cairo University (Egypt)
Fields of Interest :
imgArchitectural Theories
imgArchitectural Criticism
imgStudies of Aesthetics in Architecture
imgExperimental Design Studio
Recent Publications :
img-2011-A Space for Resistance; New Gourna In-Between National and Reform Projects. Accepted for publication in JEAS_ Journal of Engineering and Applied Science, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Vol. 58 Issue 1 Feb. 2011
img-2010-An Approach To Teaching Aesthetics; Linking Mental And Manual Skills. (joint with Dr. Nabeel Elhady). Published in Archnet-IJAR. International Journal of Architectural Research, Special issue for “Design Education”, Vol. 4 Issues 3&4 July 2010
img-2009-Technological Responsibility; Defining and Refining Ordinary Practice at Wadi El-Gemal in proceeding for the 5th International Conference (ARCHCAIRO 2009) “Towards A New Architectural Vision: New Glasses: Presentation and Representation”, Cairo, 16-17 December 2009
img-2007-SEEDS FOR NEW ACTUALITY; EXPLORING POTENTIALITIES IN CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE IN EGYPT (joint with Dr. Nabeel Elhady) in proceeding for the International Conference of the center for the study of architecture in the Arab region (CSAAR) “Regional Architecture and Identity in the Age of Globalization”, Tunis, Tunisia, 13-15 November, 2007
img-2007-A WINDOW FOR CONTEMPLATING AESTHETICS; THE TRADITIONAL COURTYARD REVISITED (joint with Dr. Nabeel Elhady) in proceeding for the First Euro-Mediterranean Regional Conference: Traditional Mediterranean Architecture; Present and Future, Barcelona, 12-15 July 2007
img-2007-SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN THE GRADUATION STUDIO (joint with Dr. Nabeel Elhady) in proceeding for the Fourth international conference of Archcairo2007: Towards New Architectural Dimensions, Linking And Bridging Academia And The Professional Realm, Cairo, 20-22 March 2007
img-2004-GEOMETRIC PATTERNS AND THE REPRESENTATION OF ISLAMIC SACREDNESS BETWEEN ABSTRACTION AND SUBSTITUTION in proceeding for Al-Azhar Engineering 8th International Conference, Cairo, 24-27 December 2004.
img-2004-THE SENSE OF ARCHITECTURAL BEAUTY: REREADING THE AESTHETIC THEORY OF SANTAYANA IN ARCHITECTURE in proceeding for Al-Azhar Engineering 8th International Conference, Cairo, 24-27 December 2004.
img-2003-EDUCATION AND TODAY’S ARCHITECT: METHODS & TECHNIQUES OF TEACHING PRIMARY DESIGN STUDIOS, (joint with Dr. Bassel Kamel) in proceeding for the first international conference of: Architectural Education for the New Millennium: Issues, Innovations and Traditions, Bibliotheca Alexandria, 8-10 march 2003
img-2003-THE FUTURE OF RAILWAY STATIONS IN EGYPT (joint with Dr. Nabeel Elhady) in proceeding for Al-Azhar Engineering 7th International Conference, Cairo, 7-10 April 2003.
img-2003-A PLACE FOR REDEMPTION: FROM SARAJEVO ENTRY TO OTHER WAR TORN CITIES (joint with Dr. Nabeel Elhady) in proceeding for the14th International Urban Design and Implementations Symposium, Istanbul at 28-30 May 2003.
img-2003-YOUTH HOUSES IN THE NEW URBAN SETTLEMENTS; A STUDY OF THE FUNCTIONAL NEEDS (joint with Dr. Rowida Kamel) in proceeding for Engineering Research Journal, Helwan University, Vol 90
img-2002-SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE AND ITS INFLUENCE ON ARCHITECTURE (Joint with Rowida Kamel). In Proceedings for 1st International Conference of the UIA-WPAHR-V, Alexandria, Egypt.
Recent Courses :
img-2006-current-Architecture Theories (year 1, 2)
img-2001-current-Architecture Criticism 1,2 for Post graduate studies
img-2001- current-Aesthetics in Architecture, Elective course (year 3)
img-2001- current-Design Studio (year 1)
Recent Prizes :
img-2000-2001-The prize of Excellence In The Post Graduate Studies And Researches from (CAPSCU) Faculty of Engineering – Cairo University
Conferences :
img-December 2010-Organizing a workshop with The department of Architekturgeschichte :: Bauforschung (Architecture History and Building Archaeology) of the Vienna University of Technology for the Project: workshop and 3D scanning of the Baron Palace in Heliopolis, held in Heliopolis.
img-2007-Organizing committee of the 4th international conference of The Architectural Department, Cairo University; TOWARDS NEW ARCHITECTURAL DIMENSIONS, LINKING AND BRIDGING ACADEMIA AND THE PROFESSIONAL REALM
img-2006-organizing committee of the 3rd international conference of The Architectural Department, Cairo University; APPROPRIATING ARCHITECTURE, TAMING URBANISM IN THE DECADES OF TRANSFORMATION
img-2005-Organizing committee of the 2nd international conference of The Architectural Department, Cairo University; GLOBALIZATION AND BEYOND; ARCHITECTURE, COMMUNITIES AND SETTINGS
img-2004-Organizing committee of the 1st international conference of Cairo University SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHES AND APPLICATIONS
img-2004-Organizing committee of the 1st first Student National Competition; WHERE COMMUNITY MEETS TECHNOLOGY: designing a light rail station in Cairo
Administrative Positions :
img-2011-Deputy manager of the “Center for Architectural and Engineering Design Support”, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt.
Membership in Scientific Societies :
img-2010-Foundational Membership of the Docomomo- Egypt
img-1993-current-Member of the International Union of Architects – Egyptian National Sector UIA
img-1993- current-Member of the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate
Editor/Reviewer :
img-2003 to 2006-Corresponding editor of: Nexus Network Journal: Architecture and Mathematics
Professional Activities :
img-2011-Jury member of the competition for a strategic planning for Egyptian development “educational sector”
img-2010-Jury member of the competition for an “architectural and Urban expression” New Cairo, for Tabarak Holding.
img-2006-Technical studies and proposal of the Trade Chamber in New Cairo City.
img-2006-Environmental Impact Studies of the Craftsmen city; Cairo-Fayoum
img-2004-Planning and developing the craftsmen city; Cairo-Fayoum Road, Giza
img-2004-Developing the East and West Sector of Suez-Hurghada Road; Al_3een Al_Sokhna
img-2004-Preparing the Master Plan of Egyptian Villages, first phase
img-2004-Designing the High Institute of Fashion, Katamiah Road, Cairo
img-2003-Urban Development of Al_Zomor canal, from Al_Haram St. to Tersa Bridge, Giza