Professor/أستاذ:Osama Abdel-Ghafour Hodhod
Structural Engineering
Email :OHODHOD***
Room Number :Materials Testing Lab
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imgB.Sc. (1985) "Civil Engineering" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgM.Sc. (1989) "Mechanics and Strength of Materials" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgPh.D. (1994) "Dynamics and Seismic Response Characteristics of Cable-Stayed Bridges" McMaster University (Canada)
Fields of Interest :
imgHigh Performance Concrete
imgConstitutive modeling of Fiber composites
imgUsing Agricultural and Industrial Wastes in Concrete
imgRehabilitation and Restoration of Heritage Structures
imgUpgrading and Rehablitation of Masonry and Concrete Buildings
imgCorrosion of Steel in Concrete
imgDurability of Concrete
Recent Publications :
img-2009-Hodhod O. A., Rashad A. M., Abdel-Razek M. M. and Ragab A. M.; "Coating Protection of Loaded RC Columns to Resist Elevated Temperature”, Fire Safety Journal,vol. 44, pp 241–249.
img-2008-Rashad A. M., Farag N. O., Hodhod O.A. and Abdel-Razek M. M.; "Utilizing Experimental Model Tests and Artificial Neural-Nets to Estimate the Strength Loss of Heated Reinforced Concrete Columns", Asian Journal of Civil Engineering (Building and Housing) Vol. 9, No. 4, 391-409.
img-2007-Al-Tersawy S. H., El-Hefnawy A. A., Hodhod O. A.; “Variability Of CFRP Tensile Properties And Its Effect On Confined Concrete Strength”, Engineering Research Journal, Faculty of Eng. At Matarya, Helwan University, Issue 109, C16-C32.
img-2007-Hodhod, O. A. and Kato M.; “Proposed Concrete Strength Compliance Criteria for the Egyptian Code of Concrete Based on the Average outgoing Quality Limit (AOQL) Concept”, 9th International Summer Symposium of the Japanese Society of Civil Engineers, Yokohama National University, 18 September, 2007, Yokohama, JAPAN.
img-2007-Al-Tersawy S. H.; Hodhod O. A.; Hefnawy A. A.; “Reliability and Code Calibration of RC Short Columns Confined with CFRP Wraps”, 8th International Symposium on Fiber Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement for Concrete Structures; 16-18 July, 2007, Patras, Greece.
img-2007-Al-Tersawy S. H.; Hodhod O. A.; Hefnawy A. A.; “Reliability and Code Calibration of RC Short Columns Confined with CFRP Wraps”, 8th International Symposium on Fiber Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement for Concrete Structures; 16-18 July, 2007, Patras, Greece.
img-2006-Al-Tersawy S. H., El-Hefnawy A. A., Hodhod O. A.; “Influence of Variations in CFRP Tensile Strength on Strength of concrete confined by CFRP Wrapping”, The International Conference on Bridge Management Systems - Monitoring, Assessment, and Rehabilitation, HBRC, 21-23 March, 2006, Giza, EGYPT.
img-2006-Abdel-Razek M. M., Hodhod O.A, Khalil M. H. and Rashad A. M.; "Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Effect of Coating on RC Columns under Elevated Temperature", Civil Engineering Research Magazine (CERM), Faculty of Engineering, Al-Azhar University, Volume (28) No. (3) October 2006 pp. 1039-1060.
img-2006-El-Seify, M. O.; El-Attar, M. M.; Ragab, A. M.; Hodhod, O. A.; “Modeling Of Openings In Masonry Infill Panels In R.C. Frames, 2D Approach”, HBRC Journal, vol.2, No.1, pp42 – 54.
img-2006-Ramadan, A.; Hodhod, O. A.; Youssef, M. A. R.; Fouda, S. A.; “Characterization Of Local Egyptian Iron Ores For Use In Radiation Shielding Concrete” Vol. 90, N0.4, pp371-376.
img-2005-Hodhod, O.A.; Hassan, W.A.; Hilal, M.S.; Bahnasawy, H.; “Strength and Ductility of Biaxially Loaded High Strength RC Short Square Columns Wrapped with GFRP Jackets”, Structural Engineering and Mechanics, an International Journal, vol20, No.6, pp727-745.
img-2005-El-Attar, M. M.; El-Seify, M. O.; Ragab, A., M.; Hodhod, O. A.; “The Influence of Masonry Infill Walls on the Seismic Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Frames, a Probabilistic Study” HBRC Journal, vol. 1, No.2, pp 1-12.
img-2005-El-Attar, M.M., Abo Ghanima, H.H., and Hodhod, O.A.; “Statistical Assessment of Strength Acceptance Criteria in the Egyptian Code of Practice”, HBRC Journal, vol.1, No. 2, pp 38 - 46 .
img-2005-Sabrah, T.; Hodhod, O.A.; El-Hefnawy, A.A.; “Simple Design Approach To Rehabilitate Unreinforced Masonry Walls Using Ferrocement Overlays”, International Workshop on Innovations in Materials and Design of Civil Infrastructure, 28-29 Dec., 2005, Cairo, EGYPT.
img-2004-Hodhod, O.; Berry, T. A.; El-Hefnawy, A. A.; " UpGrading of Clay Brick Load Bearing Walls Using Ferrocement Overlays", the Third International Conference on Advances in Structural Engineering, 2-4 September 2004, Seoul, Korea.
img-2003-Ragab,A.; Hodhod,O.; El-Attar,M.; El-Seifey,M.; " Reliability of In-Filled Frames with Openings subjected to Seismic Loads"; Civil Eng. Res. Mag., Al-Azhar Univ.
img-2000-Salah El-Din, O.; Hilal, M.S.; Hodhod,O.; El-Hefnawy,A.; "Structural Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Corroding Reinforcement"; Eighth Arab Structural Engineering Conference, Cairo.
img-2000-Hilal, M.; Salah el-Din, O.; El-Hefnawy, A.; Hodhod, O.;"A proposal for Determining the Design Sectional Area of Corroding Rebars", Eighth Arab Structural Engineering Conference, Cairo.
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img-2000-Hodhod, O.; "Vibrational CHaracteristics of Long Span Bridges Stayed by Advanced Composite Material Cables"; Mansoura Third International Eng. Conf.
img-1997-Hodhod,O.; Khalifa,M.;"Seismic Performance of a Fiber-Reinforced Cable-Stayed Bridge", Str. Eng. and Mechanics, An International Journal, vol. 5, No.4.
img-1996-Khalifa, M.; Hodhod,O.; Zaki,M.;"Two Innovative Long Span Bridge Designs Using Advanced Composite Materials", Composites-PartB
img-1995-Hodhod,O.; Khalifa,M.; Tadros,M.;"Short and Long Term Structural Behaviour of Two Types of Fiber Reinforced Plastics and the Feasibility of Using them as a Construction Material for the Licoln Bridge"; A Research Project between the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA) and the City of LIncoln